What? Would? Why?

What are you reading? Would you recommend it? And why?

by Mary Lamphere (as previously posted at MaryLamphere.com)

I just finished the audio of Wool by Hugh Howey.
I would not recommend it.
It sucked.

Let me explain.
It was a compilation of several stories slapped together seamfully and since I had the audio, I wasn’t privy to the breaks that are probably obvious in the printed version. That’s still no excuse. After the first two losses, I refused to be invested in the next “main” character. I had no sense of where it was going or why. And again, being an MP3, I had no idea how close I was to the end. I could go on with my critique, I have more to say, and I’d be happy to discuss further. If you’re interested, message me.

That said, it didn’t suck.
Since anyone who was considering reading it will, and should, still do so, allow me to defend my initial review.

I came into this book on the hype of the author’s story. Hugh Howey is a writer who had a day job and wrote on the side. He self-published short stories on Kindle. As the series grew, so did the attention they drew. Cut to the now, he’s a millionaire who lives on a boat with multiple publishing deals and a film in the works.

Wool has received over nine thousand five star reviews on Amazon.

Bottom line is, my expectations were too high.
This is why I tell you it sucked.
When you start with suck, there’s nowhere to go but up, right?
That is the gift I give you, potential Wool reader.
So, in a way, I guess I am recommending it.
I have no doubt that you will enjoy Wool more than I did.
I look forward to your review.









Your turn…
What are you reading? Would you recommend it? And why?

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