20/20 Vision

I linger deep beneath the surface of the Shallow Seas and watch the light from above flicker down through the water. I watch for my prey, knowing I will see them with clarity.

I see all around me with eyes like none other in the universe.

I am a trilobite.

Many millennia from now, humans will try to replicate the special vision that I possess.

But I—gifted with this vision—have one of the very first lenses. They are rigid, crystalline lenses made with an internal doublet structure: two lens layers of different refractive indices acting in combination.

My lenses are corrected for focusing problems that result from rigid lenses.  I have remarkable depth of field.

I move again in search of food; the sea is teaming with life.  But many creatures will disappear and dry land will appear in coming years. 

I see my prey. I make my move.

Now, well nourished, I look up.  A large shadow moves across the surface, too far above for me to make out its true shape.

A fallen tree is moving with the rush of water? Or, is it an ark—a sign of life continuing?

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