A word from the board

On the state of our In Print union

A letter from Lisa Roettger, president of In Print

When the In Print board asked me to draft a letter addressed to all our members, I agreed. Now I’m stuck in the writer’s nightmare: facing a blank page and unable to figure out how to begin. So let me just start.

In Print is on life support. The board has been gathered at her bedside, trying to find ways to resuscitate her, not yet ready to give up because we know she has so much more to accomplish.

The member survey told us you too wanted her to stick around, maintaining the monthly format. The door has been open every second Saturday of the month. Did you come? If not, why not?

You told us you wanted us to return to Rockford, so we scoured the city in search of a suitable—and affordable—meeting place and we’ve found one. But why rent a facility, if few will attend?

You also let us know where In Print was not meeting your needs—especially in the area of critique groups. We heard your suggestions and we are excited by them. We are ready to act on them, but we cannot do it alone.

We cannot ask an entity already on life support to take on additional responsibilities. For a while now, In Print has been acting with a reduced board and with little member assistance. Board members have stepped up to fill in as they can, but they are already doing more than they’d committed to and are doing tasks they had not signed on to do. Only one member has respond to a plea for assistance, stepping in to provide temporary support.

I’m having a flashback to my childhood. Tinker Bell is dying, and we’re all being urged to resuscitate her by chanting “I do believe in fairies. I do believe in fairies.” But my chant has now become “I do believe in In Print.” She has a lot more light to give us and a lot more fairy dust to sprinkle around to help us grow as writers.

Do you believe in In Print? If so, we need you to do more than chant. We need you to join us for our September In Print meeting to determine whether In Print will continue—growing and changing to meet the needs of our members—or whether we will take her off life support and dissolve In Print.

In Print all-member meeting

Saturday, Sept. 9, 1-4 p.m.

Roscoe Public Library

5562 Clayton Circle, Roscoe, Illinois


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