Inside Writing and Publishing Programs

The Helen Plum Library in Lombard, IL would like to invite area writers to their Inside Writing and Publishing (IW&P) programs happening in February and March at several locations. IW&P is an annual series of workshops and presentations aimed at aspiring writers in the Chicagoland area. Please visit the Inside Writing and Publishing Facebook page for more information.

Prize for Military Women’s Writing

Enter today for your
chance to be published 

For more than 250 years, American women have proudly and significantly contributed to the military in a number of ways, to include combat, since the Revolutionary War. Their stories and contributions, however, have received little more than a footnote of recognition from historians.

Therefore, Warren Publishing, a woman founded, owned and led custom publishing company since 1988, has formed the imprint,”Deborah Sampson” and will seek to publish two contest winners per year.

Books that Entertain, Enlighten, and Educate

A premier book publisher since 1988, Warren Publishing is passionate about bringing works of merit to the market. Authors benefit from their history of publishing and their relationships with global distributors, re-sellers, wholesalers, and retailers.

Click here for their website, or call them today and learn how to make your book dreams a reality!   980.265.2336

WNIJ Flash Fiction Contest

Attention Short Story WritersWNIJ logo

Enter the Flash Fiction Contest

WNIJ invites you to submit an original work of short fiction based on the following prompt:

Your first sentence must describe an outrageous, inexplicable situation, like Franz Kafka’s protagonist waking up to discover he’s a giant insect.

We invited prize-winning author Molly McNett to create this prompt and to help us select the winning stories.

To enter, write a short story of approximately 500 words responding to the prompt by the contest deadline: 11:59 p.m. on Monday, September 12. The authors of the winning entries will be invited to read their story on air during Morning Edition the week of October 3, 2016.

Click here for contest rules and for all information about how to enter.

We look forward to reading your work, and good luck.

Contest Rules
Contest Registration Form

WNIJ is a gathering place for regional literature.
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May Resource of the Month

While the first rule of writers is to write, the second rule of writers is to read, read as much as possible.  The BookBub website is the May resource of the month.

When you sign up, you can select eBook deals by subject category (romance, science fiction, mystery, etc.), by author or by store.  BookBub will send you notifications via e-Mail with links to bargain priced eBooks and free eBooks on a regular basis.

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April Resource of the Month

April may be National Poetry Month, but the Academy of American Poets website is a gift that gives all year long.  It’s the online resource of the month.

Their website – – contains more than 5,000 poems from over a thousand different poets.  You can search by topic.  For example: four poems across seventy years, including one by a Pulitzer Prize winner have something to do with “lunch“.

If you don’t want to do the searching yourself, you can sign up to have a poem e-mailed to you every morning – from unpublished work from current poets to classic poems from the past couple of centuries.

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The Write City E-zine Looking for Submissions

CWALogoGood news!

The Write City Magazine now pays $25 upon publication of newly-submitted pieces.

The Chicago Writers Association’s online journal, The Write City Magazine, is looking for submissions. They welcome quality poetry, fiction and nonfiction, including short stories, personal essays, op-eds, biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, interviews, play and novel excerpts (if self-contained), plus writing tips and resources.

Submission guidelines: Include your full name, the title of your submission, your email address, and website link (if available) plus a personal photograph and a short 250 word bio.

Prose: Submit no more than one prose piece at a time. Prose should be single-spaced, Times New Roman font, and no longer than 1,500 words.

Poetry: Submit no more than three poems at a time. Poems should be single-spaced in a Times New Roman font.

Email submission to: Please keep in mind that submissions may be edited.

Additionally, if you’re an editor or have editing experience and would like to volunteer your services to The Write City Magazine, contact Kristin Oakley,

March Resource of the Month

This month’s resources come courtesy of our featured guest speaker, Paula Hendrickson.  She gave members a list of freelance writer resources.  Here are some websites she recommended and – of course – you can follow Paula herself on Twitter.

All Indie WritersJennifer Mattern’s site is a must for both fiction and non-fiction writers and has one of the best free writers forum around.

Productive WritersJohn Soares always has great, practical writing advice that even the most experienced writers can learn from.

The Well-Fed Writer Blog – Fresh insights from the well-fed writer himself, Peter Bowerman.

Words on the PageLori Widmer focuses a lot on the marketing side of freelancing.  She’s also the brains behind the Annual Writers Worth Week event each May.

Writers WeeklyAngela Hoy is a champion of writers’ rights; Whispers and Warnings is a great place to see if other writers have had problems being paid by your potential clients.  Be sure to register for the free weekly newsletter.

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February Resource of the Month

Chris Cacciatore found this month’s resources to help inspire In Print members through their writing journeys.

Are you interested in writing contests?  I found some online at  More can be found at  Also, don’t forget about Glimmer Train and the Front Porch Review.  They’re always taking submissions.

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January Resource of the Month

Chris Cacciatore found this month’s website to help inspire In Print members through their writing journeys.

If you ever would like to get some help thinking of a name for a character, or need some inspiration for a setting, or writing prompt, I’ve got a site for you.  It’s called Seventh Sanctum.  This site is a lot of fun to navigate, and it’s full of random generators.  For instance, if I wanted to get a spell, I would go to the tab “Magic”, then choose the Grimoire of Questionable Spells.  I picked a random one here:  Magical Ceremony of the Pasta Devil.  The website gives you permission to use whatever you want from their random generator site, since it’s computer generated.  It’s a really interesting site.  I encourage you to use it!

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November Resource of the Month

November is National Novel Writing Month.  It’s free to sign up and join thousands of people around the world who will write an average of 1,667 words for thirty days (or 1,725 a day if the tryptophan in your Thanksgiving turkey does you in).  Winners receive a certificate suitable for printing, the ability to purchase a T-shirt that says “WINNER” on it somewhere, and the knowledge that – for at least one month – you made writing a priority.  Now is the time to sign up, join a local NaNoWriMo region, think up some plot points and get ready for November first!

More resource links are available on In Print’s Facebook page.