I hid like Daddy told me.

I crouched in the shed because Daddy told me the Bad People were coming, and they did. I heard them talk loud, and I heard Daddy yell back. Then there were lots of pops and bangs, and then it got quiet.

I was scared, even though Daddy told me I shouldn’t be scared. Then I heard something outside the shed, and the door opened, and one of the Bad People was standing in the door. He looked at me, and he pointed his gun at me. Then he lowered it and yelled that he’d found a ‘kid’. A woman came. She smiled at me and said I was safe. The Bad Person left, and she kept telling me I was safe, but I knew different.

Daddy had told me the Bad People would make me go to school with their kids They’d make me learn stuff about Bad People being like me. I took the little gun Daddy gave me, and I shot the woman in the face, then I put the gun under my chin. Daddy said it was better to be dead than ruled by the Bad People, so I died.

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