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Welcome New Members!

Mary Ellen Aschenbrenner, author of Born to be a Star: Floating in a Galaxy of Hot Air (Volume 1)

Welcome Back!

Coni Stein has rejoined our writing ranks.

Member News–

Congratulations In Print member, Tricia Wagner, on the publication of her novelette, Where Fish Can Breathe, available now on Amazon.

In Print member and co-founder Kathleen Tresemer will be featured on the WNIJ “Read with Me” Book Series. Tresemer will talk about her debut YA novel, Time in a Bottle, on Monday, Feb. 20.

In Print member Andrew Reynolds is working with several beta readers to get the manuscript for his first novel tightened and ready for submission to an editor. Be sure and check Andrew Reynolds‘ website. He posts excerpts, essays, and reviews on his blog.

Member Bob Francis hosts In Print Radio on WBOM.

Book Three of Mission to the Stars: Arbitration, by member Ted Iverson, is on pace to be published summer 2017.

In Print member, Coni Stein, is studying with James Patterson through his online MasterClass and receiving good reviews.

Check out the blog posts by member Richard Pulfer, writer, reader, critic, and all around great guy.

Member Mary Lamphere posts a new blog every Monday.

Member and current In Print president, Kristin Oakley, will be teaching and coaching at the UW Madison Writers Institute, March 24-26, 2017.

Member Ray Paul is working on his next novel. Check out his other works here.

Member Successes!

Congratulations to In Print member, Tom Zuba. The Boston Children’s Hospital ordered 100 copies of his book, Permission to Mourn, to include in their family support program.

Congratulations to In Print member Abbie Friddell. Chapter I of her semi-historical post civil war story about Fort Richardson, TX and the small pox outbreak at an Indian Reservation is DONE!

Congratulations to member Tricia Wagner on the publication of her winning poem, The Music of Egyptian Spheres, in the OWLS writing contest.

Congratulations to member Sandra Colbert for the publication of her second novel, The Reason.

In Print is proud to announce that member Marie Malicki’s short story, Busia’s Hands, has been published on the Write City E-zine.

In Print is proud to congratulate member Kristin Oakley on the release of the second novel in her Leo Townsend series, God on Mayhem Street.

In Print is proud to congratulate member Kathleen Tresemer on the publication of her debut YA novel, Time in a Bottle.

In Print is proud to congratulate member Mary Lamphere on her recently published thriller, Pocket Money.

In Print is proud to congratulate member Debbie Deutsch on her recently published YA novel, Throw Away Sisters.