Return of the In Print Challenge

It’s 2017! 
And the beginning of a new year always instills in us a desire to improve, to focus, and to be better. In that vein, we offer you an In Print Challenge.

The January IP Challenge:
Find your creative space. An office, a kitchen table, a library carrel, whatever suits you.
Sit down, relax, inhale deeply. Now look around.
This is where the magic happens. Become familiar with the environment.
Consider the light, the colors, the space available.

Okay, now write.
By hand, on a laptop, keyboard, clay tablet, etc.
Write whatever comes to mind.
Start a new project. Continue a scene from an existing project. Babble through a laundry list of excuses as to why you don’t feel like writing. Go ahead and type, “this is stupid”.
It’s not stupid. It’s the Challenge.

Write for ten minutes straight. Here’s an online timer.

You probably haven’t written in a while. Those distracting holidays consumed most of your time. You’re probably out of the habit.

Write for ten minutes more.

That’s it. You’ve completed the challenge. Congratulations.
Sometimes it takes us twenty minutes of forced writing to find our way, our voice, our story.


January’s Challenge is to reestablish your writing habit.
2017 is unfolding before you and it holds much literary promise, don’t waste a moment of it.