A Different Approach to Storytelling, Writing for Non-Fiction Publications

A recap of July’s general meeting.

by Tricia Wagner

Chris Linden, editor and writer for Northwest Quarterly Magazine, joined In Printers for the July meeting and shared insights about writing for non-fiction publications. He stressed that, though a non-fiction magazine like Northwest Quarterly showcases true stories, writers should still tap into their creativity and provide pieces that demonstrate the universal qualities of great writing: strong characters, emotion, setting, and conflict.

In reviewing proposals, Chris looks for writers who can tell him a great story. Northwest Quarterly Magazine covers Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, and Northwest Chicagoland, and he looks for content that is local, inspiring, and has good visual appeal. The staff of Northwest Quarterly recognize that negative stories are easy to find. Their mission, by contrast, is to be publishers of relentlessly positive, uplifting, and informative magazines. Chris encouraged In Printers to think differently about the news and take a different approach when capturing non-fiction stories – one that illustrates the rich quality of life that can be experience in the local area. As the magazine is release quarterly, Chris looks for stories that match the season. The topics he accepts are broad, and examples include nature, conservation, animals, people of interest, regional history, tourism activities, home living, and local business and industry. Continue reading “A Different Approach to Storytelling, Writing for Non-Fiction Publications”