WaR Discussed African American Female Sci-Fi Writer

by Cindy Kremer

In May, the Writers as Readers (WaR) group discussed Dawn book coverDawn by Octavia E. Butler, an African American science fiction writer. This was Book One of the Xenogenesis Trilogy, now published under the current title of Lilith’s Brood. This book was written in 1987 and the undercurrents of the U.S. and Russian nuclear arms race have destroyed earth as we know it at the beginning of our story.

This literary genre is not one of my favorites, but Octavia is an elegant writer who kept our interest with her very visual depictions of Lilith on an Oankali ship. Depicting the story centuries into the future permits the reader to believe the setting that is portrayed. She uses archetypes that depict the ugliness of the aliens and she left us wanting to read the rest of the series. Continue reading “WaR Discussed African American Female Sci-Fi Writer”