WaR Readers Trek Through WWII with French Sisters

by Sharon Boehlefeld
Kristin Hannah’s The Nightingale generated mixed reviews from Writers as Readers in August.The-Nightingale
The WWII novel traces the paths of two sisters and their father during the German occupation of France. One sister, who stayed at home in the French countryside, ended up being forced to board two German officers of opposite dispositions. The other became involved in the resistance, traveling from Paris to Leon, on to Spain and back again, eventually being captured by the Germans. Their father, who also worked in the resistance, spent most of his time in Paris.
The title is both the nom de guerre of the sister in the resistance, and their family name, Rossignol, the French word for nightingale.
Structurally, Hannah put most of the action in the war, but a story arc from the “present” helped generate some mystery as to which of the sisters survived long after the war. For the war years, Hannah switched point of view from one sister to the other, showing both times when their lives intersected and when they separated. Some readers liked that approach, while others were distracted by it. Continue reading “WaR Readers Trek Through WWII with French Sisters”