The Midwest’s Premier Writing Conference

3 Days of Education, Entertainment, and Writing Inspiration

The Writer’s Institute in Madison is the highlight of the year for many In Print members. Kristin Oakley, is not only In Print’s President, but also an integral part of the Institute. Many of our members are repeat attendees and have gone from novice to published author in the time they’ve attended.

The Institute offers writers of all levels and genres the opportunity to attend workshops and sessions, listen to notable keynote speakers, and mingle with industry elite. It also offers the opportunity for personal critiques and pitching to agents. For more information, go to the UW-Madison Writer’s Institute website, here.

Registration is now open!


‑Aspiring, emerging and experienced writers‑
10 Reasons to Attend
  1. We are offering Master Classes with our keynote speakers and Continuing Studies faculty
  2. This year’s agents and editors are looking for material within over 40 genres, ranging from historical fiction/non‑fiction to magical realism
  3. There will be another successful Live Literary event for you to read your work on stage and win prizes
  4. We are offering an essay contest for our attendees ‑ the winner receives a complimentary registration to our conference
  5. Attend a luncheon event that celebrates our Page or Poem Contest winners along with our essay winner
  6. The first place winners of this year’s Page and Poem contests will automatically be published in the 2018 Midwest Review, so send us your contest submissions today!
  7. We have 35+ seminar sessions and 13 panels over 3 days
  8. Our Agent Q & A and Editors Q & A sessions are a chance for you to meet with our agents and editors one‑on‑one. We limit the attendance at 10 writers. (Pssst… these Q & A sessions fill up fast so sign up now ‑ fee is $10 per session)
  9. The book signing event features our instructors’ books as well as our attendees’ books
  10. The 28th annual Writers’ Institute is one of the best places to network with other writers and come away inspired, enlightened and energized about your writing as a result of spending three days with us

September General Meeting – Reedy Press and a Harvest of Opportunities

Meet the Publisher

Writers are invited to meet with Josh Stevens, publisher and editor at Reedy Press, during the September general meeting of In Print Professional Writers Organization (IPPWO) from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday, Sept 10, at the Cherry Valley Public Library, 755 E Main Street, Cherry Valley.

IPPWO members, as well as non-members, may bring their ideas to discuss with Stevens and his representative, Molly Page, and hear what Reedy Press is seeking from writers.

Page is the author of  100 Things to do in Chicago before You Die, a regional best seller. According to Stevens, Page is a marketing dynamo, and is taking the lead for Reedy in acquiring new regional titles on Chicago / Illinois.

Bring Your Book Pitches

Stevens plans to be available to speak with authors individually for 10 to 15 minute time slots, and to take proposals for books.  A variety of non-fiction subjects may be proposed such as history, communities of note, tourism, food, institutions, iconic neighborhoods, guide books, sports. Include your bios and any information on published work you wish to mention in a package for Stevens to review. Continue reading “September General Meeting – Reedy Press and a Harvest of Opportunities”

Word of Art 3D

If you attended the I AM IN PRINT Five Year Anniversary Celebration last March, then you know our big news… If not, drum roll please–

Word of Art 3D has been invited by the Burpee Museum of Natural History to participate in their 75th Anniversary celebration!

Festivities for Burpee will cover several months of features and activities and the Word of Art 3D reception will be held late winter/early spring of 2017.

We are so excited about this opportunity to further expand our creative collabortion. The Burpee Museum of Natural History is located at 737 North Main Street Rockford, IL, on the banks of the Rock River along the newly renovated Riverwalk. We hope you will check out Burpee, it’s histories, exhibits, and all it has to offer. It is the museum’s goal to “inspire all people to engage in a lifetime of discovery and learning about the natural world, through preservation and interpretation.” We encourage you to use this statement as inspiration for your submissions.

We will be collecting stories this fall, stay tuned for details and deadlines! Also, a reminder that this year we will be open to dimensional art. Ceramics, mosaics, jewelry, etc…

Congratulations to past participants who assisted in making this opportunity happen!

(I am so excited!)

Thank you,
Mary Lamphere
Word of Art 3D Chairperson

A Discussion of “The Language of Flowers”

womens_book_clubHave you ever read a really good book or managed to finish a really bad one and wanted to talk about it, dissect it and figure out what makes it work or what doesn’t? Several fellow writers and I felt the same way, so we formed the 1st Tuesday Book Discussion Group. Our intent is to learn and share with fellow writers.

We meet once a month. Take a guess when……go ahead, guess…… got it! The first Tuesday of the month! You are just so clever. Continue reading “A Discussion of “The Language of Flowers””

Lighting the Fire

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a poetry slam at a local high school. It was the first time I had ever attended something like that. I have to admit that poetry is not my forte (except for song lyrics and Dr. Suess of course). So I was quite self-conscious, not so much about attending but they asked me to be a judge. I was helping out a fellow In Printer and I’m all about broadening my horizons so I thought, why not? Besides it was a good opportunity for us to promote In Print and work on getting some young blood into the group. Continue reading “Lighting the Fire”