WoA3 Event Wrap-up

Word of Art 3 was an exceptional event!

The WoA3 exhibition and book release reception, held Friday, March 10, 2017, at Burpee Museum of Natural History showcased the Word and Art talents of forty-one collaborators to an audience of well over two hundred people visiting from five states across the Midwest. Burpee Museum of Natural History was a phenomenal venue and working with Dennis Harezlak and Lily Pocs was wonderful. The 56 pieces of printed Word and painted, collaged, ceramic, photographic, framed, dimensional, bright, dark, elaborate, simple, touching, unique Art were displayed beautifully thanks to Kristin Oakley, Debbie Deutsch, Kathy Baker, Kathleen Weber, and Lynda Johnson. The accompanying book was elegantly designed by Jean Oberg. The room allowed enough tables and chairs for all attendees to sit comfortably and view the Author/Artist program with ease. Kathleen Tresemer did a phenomenal job as host and both the Word Judge, John Bradley, and Art Judge, Roni Golan, were in attendance to announce their winning selections. The food provided by Kristin Oakley, Christina Lamphere, and myself, was plentiful, colorful, and delicious. The evening was captured by photographers Caitlin Podemski, Nate Iverson, and Krystle Tyler. Nicole Frazer and the Jefferson High School student volunteers assisted throughout the evening and were superstars come clean-up time. In Print board members, Lisa Roettger, Ted Iverson, and Margie Seger, offered two tables for introductions, information, and sales.

Congratulations to those Wordists and Artists who received recognition at the Word of Art 3 reception!

Thank you Word Judge John Bradley for your selections.
Word Winners:
Honorable Mention: “Leaving Las Vegas” by Susan Chisholm
Honorable Mention: “The Return of the 17-Year Locusts” by Della R. Leavitt
Honorable Mention: “Milkweeds” by Lolita Ditzler
First Place: “Nothing But Time” by Kathleen Manning Weber

Thank you Art Judge Roni Golan for your selections.
Art Winners:
Honorable Mention: “Moments of Change” by Linda Thornton Peterson
Honorable Mention: “On Leaving” by Kellene M. Simler
Honorable Mention: “Rocking Horse Relic” by Terry Werntz
First Place: “Crystal Droplets” by Pamela Parkinson

Thank you to the many attendees who took the time to vote for Best Collaboration.
People’s Choice Award:
Honorable Mention: “Rocking Horse Relic” words by Lindsey Anderson, art by Terry Werntz

Honorable Mention: “Treasure” words by Kaitlyn Tibbets, art by Debbie Winnekins Deutsch

Honorable Mention: “Waiting for my Granddaughter” words by Linda Melville, art by Deborah Ann Lucas

First Place: “Puzzle Pieces” by Kaitlyn Tibbetts, art by Amy Banks

Congratulations and Thank You for your support of Word of Art.

 To read comments about the evening, click here.

To see additional photos from the event, click here.

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  1. Hi Mary, what time exactly can we make our story selections on Monday? Anytime after midnight or a different time like 8:00 a.m.? I am asking because I will be at work at 7:30 a.m. and may not have the opportunity to visit the website until noon at the earliest or after 3:00 p.m. I am anxious to make my selection from the list I am making. Thanks again for this unique and wonderful opportunity to collaborate as an author and an artist on Word of Art 2. Kelly

    1. I won’t be able to address the requests until Tuesday but I will go in the order I receive them. Any time after midnight is fine. I will respond to each request so if you do not receive confirmation, please resend your choice. Thank you! And thanks for your enthusiasm! 🙂

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