What People are Saying about WoA3

Still flying high from In Print’s amazing Word of Art 3D celebration Friday night. Many, many thanks to Mary Lamphere-Author for creating Word of Art and inspiring us all!
Kristin Oakley

I really enjoyed hearing the writers read and the artists discuss their visions of the work.  Thanks for letting me be a part of the event.
John Bradley (Word Judge)

Last night was remarkable!  I had never done anything like it before. I met so many lovely people and thoroughly enjoyed the work they shared.  I am also a lover of good organization and they way things flowed was impressive.  Thank you for all you did to make this a positive, easy, worthwhile experience from start to finish.
Linda Melville


Thank you for allowing me to be involved in Word of Art. I had such an incredible experience and my heart is filled with joy.
Amy Banks


Word of Art 3 was such fun tonight! Thanks, Mary Lamphere-Author, for putting together a class act collaboration between author and artist and venue! I am happy to say the collaboration of my art piece below and Kaitlyn Tibbets’ poem, Treasure, won People’s Choice Honorable Mention! Kaitlyn is a delightful young lady with a bright future in writing! The poem she wrote is about her younger sister, who she views as her greatest treasure. I gifted them with my artwork at the end of the program, and hope it will always remind them of their strong bond and love for each other. ❤
Debbie Deutsch


Word of Art 3 = goosebumps of appreciation for all the artists and authors, and heartfelt applause for Mary Lamphere-Author for making this wonderful event what it is! Kudos!
Kelly Simmons


Fun night at Word of Art 3D. So great to meet the author of my piece, Paul Holler and his wife Jessica. Happy to have sold my painting. Congrats to Pam Parkinson for winning the art award for her beautiful work, Crystal Droplets. Stunning.
Jill Golden


Thank you In Print for a great night! It was so exciting to see my students picked for people’s choice awards. Congratulations, Linda Melville and Deborah Lucas on honorable mentions. And Kaitlyn Tibbetts, the youngest writer in a room of adults, wow, you won not only an honorable mention but FIRST PLACE! This was no easy task since there are only 3 honorable mentions and one first place for people’s choice awards. The coffee table book is gorgeous. Makes my heart glad….
Christine Swanberg


Every Word of Art has blown me away, but this one blew me the furthest!
What an amazing night you created!
Great venue, big turnout, art and word displays looked beautiful (it was so fun and very interesting to see the art in person!) And what a great community touch to have Nicole there with her students as ushers! They did a great job! And the treats that Christina made were so good and such a really tasty surprise to have home-made deliciousness. All in all you made everything beautiful.
(Oberg, Graphic Designer)


It was a wonderful night last night.
Thanks for all you did.
Jill Golden


Thank you so much for the opportunity to be involved in Word of Art 3.  The evening flowed flawlessly and everyone there had such a wonderful time.  I appreciate the time and heart you put in to organizing this event, and I really enjoyed this new experience.
Deepest regards,
Virginia Smith (Ginni)
Thank you so much for all you did to make Friday’s event so wonderful. I sincerely appreciate the time and energy you must have put into it.
Jeffrey Swanberg

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